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Monday, 5 May 2014

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Essay On A Hockey Match Full Essay.Hockey is without doubt our national game. It is played all over the country. It is not a costly game like cricket. Even poor students can play hockey. For a long time our country has been the world champion in this game. Still Pakistan is one of the champions. Our game is admired all over the world. Hockey is a game in which there is a lot of action and suspense. In this game the situation changes very fast. Every minute can bring a surprise. The players continue running fast with the ball teS score a goal. Pakistan has produced world famous hockey players like Hasan Sardar. He was known as the hickey wizard. But some critics feel that the standard of Pakistan hickey is now falling day by day.

I take a lot of interest in the hockey matches which are played in Lahore. Last Saturday I witnessed a hockey match which was played on our college ground between our college team and the team of Science College Lahore. Both the teams were evenly attached. Hundreds of students had come to see the match between the two college schools teams.

At exact 3.30 p.m. the players of both the teams entered the playground alongwith the referee. Mr. Imran of the Science was the referee. He is well known for the impartial decisions. The teams took their positions and when the referee blew the whistle the game started. The eyes of all the spectators were following the actions and moves of the players. The ball was rolling very swiftly between the players of the two teams.

Although in the beginning, the game was not very fast yet by and by it picked up speed. The players of both the teams were quite healthy and active. The players of Science College were wearing white and blue uniforms. The colour of the uniforms worn by our college team was blue and white.

After nearly fifteen minutes the game became very fast. Both the teams were now becoming more and more aggressive in their moves. They were trying their best to score a goal. The Science college team was dominating the field for a long time but they were unable to score a goal. The defenders of our team were very strong. They did not allow the opposite team to score a goal so easily.

Just before the interval Saeed. the captain of the Science College able to score a goal in a quick and sudden move. The boys of our college team did not lose their heart. They played courageously and patiently. But nothing could be done before the half time.

After the interval again the game started quite briskly. The spectators were really enjoying the game very much. Now our school team was donating the ground. Soon our team scored two goals against their opponents within ten minutes of the re-start of the game. The students of our college were happy. They cheered our boys to encourage them.

The players of the Science college fought back and played very good game in a stylish manner. But they were unable to score any further goal till the end inspite of their best efforts. The spectators praised the good game played by both the teams. At last the game came to an end. Our College team won by two goals to one. The Principal of our College congratulated the players of our team for their fine team work.


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