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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Some people feel that television, newspapers, magazines, and other media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people such as public figures and celebrities, although others have different opinion about that. As far as I am concerned, I fully agree with that. Safe to say, more than 70% lights are focused on those famous people and all kinds of stars. This is because common people like to watch, to know about and to become famous guys.

Let us look at the television first, when you turn on the television, there are more than 60 channels in United States, but almost all channels are either talking about celebrities, movie stars, or showing some TV soap programs in which some movie star is in it. There are daily programs such as "E-Talk", "Access Hollywood", and "Entertainment Tonight" which concentrate on lives of famous stars. You can tell from their names. Not to mention there are a lot of awards such as Oscar award, Emmy award, Gold Globe, and so on. They are all about famous people. For the program of talking show, such as the Opera Show, or the Larry King Show, most guests that are invited to these programs are celebrities or politicians. And people love to watch that.

As for magazines or newspapers, it is the same situation. The first front page, second page and Headline are very often about famous people in different areas, even sometimes discussing the private life of famous people. It looks like if there are no celebrity photos on the front page, the subscription will decrease. People love to read stories about these stars or celebrities.

Especially, there are so many photographers who want to take pictures of these famous people's private life. They do not care how this will invade those people's privacy, because they know these photos of celebrities may help them get rich. Think about how Princess Diana died in 1997. Nobody can say that it has nothing to do with those paparazzis. The fact that people love to know everything about Dianna, one of the most famous celebrities in the world, killed the princess.

In conclusion, TV, newspapers and magazines need these celebrities to attract people's eyeballs. Otherwise, they cannot survive. And the average people seem to enjoy these personal lives of famous people or celebrities. So it is quite normal for media to pay so much attention to these big guys in the world.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Essay On The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad.Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W (P.B.U.H) is the last prophet of the Muslim. He was born at Makkah in 571 A.D. His father. Abdullah had died before he was born. He was brought up by his mother Amena. Then he was brought up by his loving grandfather Abdul Muttalib. a chief of the Quraish. But when he died after eight years,his uncle. Abu Talib, under took to look after him. He looked after with love and took great care of him.

Hazrat Abdul Mutlib become very happy on the birth of his grandson. Someone asked Hazrat Abdul Mutlib will praise my grandson. "His hope came true. A few days after his birth, the child was put under the care of a nurse, Hazrat Haleema Saadia. She took him to her desert home and looked after him for four years. The child brought luck and happiness to the family of his nurse. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) grew into a fine boy. He was very kind and gentle. He was loved by the people. People called him Sadiq (truthful) and Amin (honest).

When Hazrat Muhammad was at the age of 25, Hazrat Khadeeja named Tahira, a rich widow of Makkah, heard about his great virtues. She asked him to run her business. She was greatly impressed by his fine qualities. She married him when he was 25. She proved to be the most faithful and sincere wife.

The angle Gabriel brought the first message of God to Hazrat Muhammad. when he was of 40 years of age. He declared that he was a Prophet of God. He began to preach Islam. In those days, the people of Arabia worshipped idols. They thought that these figures of stone and wood were gods. Many. Arabs killed their daughters as soon as they were born. They were always fighting among themselves. They used to do all evil things.

He adviced the people not to do bad deeds. He told them that idols were not gods. He asked the people to worship the one True God. their Creator. He asked them to give up their bad ways. He asked them not to tell lies, not to drink, not to gamble and not to bury their daughters alive. He asked them to say prayers and help the poors.

Hazrat Muhammad fought many battles against the infidels. Soon Islam overcame the whole Arabia. The Holy Prophet passed away when he was 63. His sacred tomb is in Medina. He showed the right way to the people of the whole world. He made his followers honest, pious, kind and truthful. He is the last Prophet of Allah. Muslim should follow his teachings to succeed in this world and the world hereafter.

The Kindness of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Essay

Essay On Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Essay On Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.Sir Sayad Ahmad Khan is a well known personality among Pakistanis. His services to his community are very great, and the great Mohamedan Anglo-Oriental College at Alighar, which has now developed into a first class Residential University. is a standing monument to his patriotic efforts. He was a far-seeing statesman, a sincere lover of his community, and a very loyal citizen. His fellow- religionists cherish his memory with love and veneration, and as the fruits of his labour are gathered more and more, his claims on the gratitude of the people will grow stronger and stronger.

He was a great man in the true sense. He thought that English is very necessary for the development for the development of the Muslims. He saw with the foresight of a seer the advantages of English education for the Mohamedans, and in the face of opposition from those whom he sought to benefit, he persevered in his efforts, and succeeded in raising the noble institution at Aligarh.

This great educational institution has done incalculable service to the Mohamedan. community. Ever since its establishment, it has been a centre of Muslim culture and enlightenment in India. and has attracted young men from all parts of the country, thus exercising a great unifying force for the community. The lines on which he conducted it show his practical sagacity and intimate acquaintance with the needs of his community. The College leaves a distinct impression on its alumni.

Sir Sayad belonged to very noble and educated family. He was born in 1817. He joined Government service, and became a Subordinate Judge. During the Mutiny, he rendered great help to the British Government.

He was an intellectual person and he had fine literary tastes. and if he had not founded the Aligarh College. he would have been known as a great prose-writer. Even now, he has a place among the foremost literary men of his time. Ile was a member of the Legislative Council, and was knighted in recognition of his great services. He died in 1898. His perseverance, his honesty. his singleness of purpose, his fervent patriotism, and his .advanced- and liberal views on religion and politics, mark him out as one of the greatest men of Sub-continent.

Essay On Quaid-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Essay On Quaid-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi on the 25th December. 1876. His father, Jinnah Poonjah, was a big merchant of Karachi. Mr. Poonjah wanted to give good education to his son and kept him away from business. Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah received his early education in Karachi and Bombay. He passed his Entrance Examination in 1891. In his school days he was very painstaking in his studies. He observed the rules of discipline. He was also very punctual in attendance. All these pointed to his future greatness. For his good qualities, he was very much loved by his teachers and fellow- students.

His father's friend. Mr. Federick Croft. discovered signs of a great man in him. He advised his father to send him to England for higher studies. Accordingly Mr. Jinnah left for England in 1892. There he was admitted into the Lincoln's Inn and obtained the degree of Bar-at-Law. Mr Jinnah stayed in England for four years. He, here studied the ways of the English people. He was very much impressed to find that all of them, rich or poor, loved their motherland. There he came under the influence of a patriotic Pakistani. Dadabhoy Nooroji.
After having successfully finished his education, Mr. Jinnah returned to India in 1896.

At that time his father's business was not running well. So to earn money for the family, he started practice in Karachi. But he could not do well. He left Karachi and went to Bombay to try his luck there. Here, too, his practice was dull for three years. At last, he accepted the service as Third Presidency Magistrate of Bombay. But he was confident that he would do well as a lawyer. So he gave up the service after some time and joined the bar. This time fortune smiled on him. Within a short time he was recognised as a distinguished lawyer. His fame spread far and wide.

In 1905, Mr. Jinnah came in close contact with Gopal Krishna Gokhale. Mr. Gokhale was then the president of the Indian National Congress. Soon he became its most important leader. He was called the "Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity. "But he was disillusioned in 1930. For he then realised that the only object of the Congress was to establish Hindu rule in India. He, therefore. separated himself from the Congress. He devoted himself in organising the Muslims. His leadership kindled a new imagination among the frustrated Muslims. He created political consciousness among the Muslims of India.

It was due to his guidance and leadership the Muslims regained their confidence. Each and every Muslim responded to his clarion call. And they, with one voice demanded a separate, homeland for them.
In 1940. the famous Pakistan Resolution was adopted. The struggle for Pal:istan is a story of a continuous struggle against a host of obstacles and it was his guidance and leadership which provided us a bulwork of strength at these difficult times.

The creation of Pakistan was due to the untiring labour and 1 of Quaid-i-Azam. He won Pakistan by his irrefutable arguments. Ile is called the "Father of the Nation". For -like a father. he acquired a homellid for us.
Though in shattered health, he had to accept ' the first Governor-Generalship of Pakistan. He died in harness on the 1 1 th September. 1948.

Essay On Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal was born at Sialkot on November 9, 1877. His father was a mystic from where he inherited mysticism. Though his father was not so educated. but he had a great desire to see his son properly educated. He received his early education at a local high school and passed Intermediate Examination from Murrey College Sialkot. After passin2. his M.A., he became a lecturer in philosophy in the Government College, Lahore. He then proceeded to England for higher studies in 1905. He obtained the degree of Bar-at-Law from the Cambridge University. He also prepared a thesis on Persian Philosophy which earned him doetorate from the Cambridge and the Munich Universities.

He returned to India and joined the bar, but could not do well. This was because of the fact that at heart he was a man of letters and not of law. The poet in him who had been nourished and
nurtured from his boyhood days took the better of the lawyer in him. and he turned his attention to poetry which had been as it were, his life blood. He was a poet and philosopher combined and the ideas
I conveyed through his Bange-Dara, Bale-Jibreel, Israr-e-Khudi,  Payame Mashrique and a most of others were new and very appealing.

Through his thoughtful and philosophical writing imbued with the spirit of Islam, he brought a new life to the Muslims of India and opened their eyes to what they then were and what they could be. His poetic fervour inspired the Muslims from one end. of India to the other with a new life, new feelings and new inspirations. Dr. lqbal was great Muslim thinker and poet.. He was a poetic reformer and as such, he could not but take interest in the politics of the day to safeguard the interests of the Muslims.

He was a member of the Punjab Legislative, Assembly and attended the Round Table Conference in London. In 1930, he presided over the Allahabad session of the All India Muslim League where he represented the Idea of Pakistan. Dr. lqbal died in Lahore on the 21st of April. 1938. at the age of sixty five. His dream of a separate homeland for the Muslims could not be fulfilled during his life-time, it materialised only nine years after his death.