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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Essay on Terrorism Causes, Effects and Solution

The use of violence such as bombing, shooting or kidnapping to obtain political demand is called Terrorism. It s a form of violent action which is used to force the government for a special purpose or to achieve political demands in a country or worldwide.
The world is full of little quarrels among the nations of the world. Every nation tails itself the best and tries to exploit the rights of the others. Terrorism is used as a political weapon or policy. Terrorism is the most severe problem of this age that people are facing all over the world It is equally occurring in important causes of terrorism are following.

  • A huge production of weapons like guns, pistols, machine guns, kalashnikov, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, distant marking missiles and nuclear weapons.
  • The growing population and less resources of life.
  • A great run after money and after materialistic things.
  • Economical, social and political injustice.
  • Unsatisfactory conditions of life in different countries.

The main function of the terrorism is to produce a great disturbance in the social and political system of a country. The major effects of terrorism which are appeared directly are following.

  • Terrorism produces great fear among the people and they feel themselves unsafe in their state and then in the world.
  • Due to the increasing events of terrorism, the government and establishment becomes weak and the confidence of people on the government and establishment is ended.
  • On the basis of terrorism any government can easily be kicked out.
  • Due to the violent actions of terrorism, many innocent people are killed and lot of public and private property is destroyed or damaged.

After the destruction and killing on large scale during the Second World War, the nations of the world decided to organize an institution for world peace, thus United Nations (UN) was born to fight against the evil and the terrorism. Thus the fight against terrorism was started. The destruction of World Trade Tower on 11th, September was a great incident of terrorism. After this incident the president of U.S.A announced their fight against terrorism. He requested many other countries to assist him in fighting against terrorism. As the result of this effort a network has been spread all over the world to find out terrorists and to find out nuclear weapons in different countries.

The most remarkable thing is that those who call themselves as the model of humanity are using also modern technology and Weapons for terrorism. In the name of fight against terrorism, the open opposition of human rights is being done. It is the new game of surer powers to interfere in the politics of those countries that have less qualities in industrialization and stability than them. We have seen the examples in Afghanistan and Iraq Is. it not terrorism to attack on Iraq without the permission of the united Nations? They call it the war against nuclear weapons but it is also a part of terrorism. The policy making nature of big countries causes to produce hostile little groups who show the act of terrorism for the purpose of their rights. The hostile little groups who are known as freedom fighters try to produce disturbance.

  • By killing people
  • By destroying national property
  • By doing bomb blasts

The fight against terrorism is actually a well organized scheme to kill all those who raise their voice for their basic tights.

English Essay on An Interesting Dream

The happy and contended life is a great blessing of God. I do not believe in ambitious life because ambitions and desires give very trouble and make the life unhappy. This is my interesting dream that I become successful in my character building and lead my life with every moment. I think, every moment in our life is cry precious but we usually remain unconscious and waste our precious moments which can give us great happiness. My idea of happiness is related with the living moments. Everyone here constructs many desires and makes dreams about his future but actually this is an interesting and real dream that we analyse ourselves and pass our lives without any single ambition because ambitions and morality both are different things they cannot go with each other. If you want to pass an ambitious life then you will sacrifice your morality.

A business man or a great financer does not have any morality, he proves himself as a religious person and talks about the right of others but he actually exploits the rights of others in order to gain more benefit and for the accumulation of wealth. A political leader who always talk nicely about reformation of the state and the progress of the people but in fact he remains busy to enrich his politics. A religious scholar who gets more knowledge about the religious events and the rules of religion only wants that people act according to his teachings.

A happy man who has been taught from his very birth not to be slave of another’s will. A happy man always speaks truth. He acts and thinks in a free man arid keeps himself away from worldly temptation. He is the master of his passion and desires. He is not afraid of death. He never thinks about his rise and falls in the society and does not believe in flattery. He is not interested in this world and hates private and public fame. He does not care of rumors and false praise. He knows the rules of a good life. He performs his duties in a proper way and feels happiness in praying God day and night. He spends his time in study or with a friend. He has neither hope of prosperity nor fear of poverty. He is the master of his soul and will, even though he has no wealth, land and property but he has spiritual and moral qualities that a man truly needs. An honest man is actually a happy man and his life is truly happy life. lie always leads a simple and honorable life, he is straight forward so that he has no need to defend himself with armour nor does he need to move to a secret cell for protection. He is not a very ambitious fellow, hut wants to pass his life in a peaceful manner.

My interesting dream is that I prepare myself to lead very simple life like a happy man. It does not mean that I do not make any decision about my duty, I wish that I will act according to the will of Allah, If he gives me a responsibility I will try to fulfill it with all my efforts honestly.

Essay on The Value of Press

The press or the print media plays very important role in a country and all over the world. It provides information about different events related with the life changed. Newspapers, Magazines and other printed reports give a direct effect on the people of a society. News paper reading has its own benefits and utilities which may be stated as following.

  • It provides current news related with a country and all over the world.
  • It gives knowledge about the government programmes and its methods to progress the country.
  • Newspaper reading gives information about latest science discoveries and technological changes about many industries.
  • Due to newspaper reading one becomes aware about political, social and economical activities occurring all over the world.
  • All newspaper and magazines give information about famous scientists, political leaders, religious scholars, philosophers, players, T.V artists, writers, poets and film stars.
  • The press and print media give information about sports, weather forecasting and current affairs.
  • The newspapers and other print media provide quick knowledge about accidents, earthquakes, social and political affairs.

In democracy, the print media and newspapers are free from any outward pressure and they are free to publish open critical and useful reports, views and interviews. News papers play the role of check and balance. In fact, great changes in the administration of a country may be made through the agency of newspapers.

The main object of the news papers in democracy should be to serve and be helpful to all classes of people. The newspapers provide help in publicity of modern trade and commerce and help in economic development of a country.

It is the duty of all newspapers and magazines that they do not allow their own interests in their reports but they only publish the truth in every section of their printed matter. They give just, right and true information for the public so they must not give and pace of baseless report in their printed matter. If our newspapers and print media realizes its duty and establishes a good system of check and balance then it would be a great source of knowledge.