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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Essay On My Favorite Place

My Favorite place is the movie theater after a hard-working day, what can be more satisfying than watching movie with my friends i really enjoy. I get to watch Funny movies, eat lots of popcorn, and drink ice cold Coca-Cola. Watching a movie at a movie theater is quite fun in itself as well.  I like the theater because  it’s  fun.  You  could  watch any  kind  of  movie,  for  example:  serious  movies  or  very funny  movies,  action,  and  even  sports.  

Sometimes  you could  meet  new  people,  like new friend may be life partner, all kinds of generations.  Well, I don’t really like sad movies. The reason why is because it’s very emotional and makes people very anxious. Funny  movies  are  my  favorite.

You feel  tears  running down  your  cheeks.  You  laugh  so  hard  you  can’t  see anything.  I like action movies the most because there are lots  of  fighting,  guns,  blood,  crime,  games,  explosions, shooting and investigating. Sports are my favorite because you can select the team you feel will win.  My favorite food is Popcorn at the movies, hot buttery, and crunchy, with a little  salt.

Big  size  bowls  and  everything.  Even  though, sodas are not good for you. I don’t really care because the soda  is  so  refreshing,  cool,  and  very  tasty.  You  can  have many  refills, share your super sized cup and no one cares. So these are reasons why the movie theaters are my favorite place.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Essay On My Future Plans Future Goals Essay

Essay On My Future Plans Future Goals Essay.I have a lot of dreams. When I was a kid my dream is to be a pilot ,My successful future includes getting a job, a wounderful house, passing my GED. First, I would go get a part time job so I will have income coming in and so that I can have money to save up for a dependable car and college tuition. With a car I will have transportation to go to school and work. With a job I will have money for gas for my vehicle.

With a dependable car, my worries about my vehicle messing up or breaking down on the way to school and home will be a lot less. Secondly, I would keep up the hard work that I’m doing so I can pass my GED, then I will have a vehicle so I can start college.

I will have good transportation to go to the college that I want to go too, which is the best University in the Pakistan. They do hands-on training at the college. Lastly, after I  graduate from Tulsa Welding School, I want to go to workin the shipyards rebuilding big ships and repairing them.

Then I will buy my own house and everything. Hopefully, I will be settled down, not be stressed out, and not have so many worries in my life. I will be on my own and not have anyone to bother me or cause problems with me whatsoever!