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Friday, 23 August 2013

Essay On A Mosque Visit To A Mosque

Essay On A Mosque Visit To A Mosque.Mosque is a place of worship for all the people. It is a very important building in the town or city. It is the centre of attraction for all. It stands for the embodiment the religious fervour of the people, and hence on such buildings neither money nor attention is spared to make them grand and noble. On auspicious days such places are thronged with people. Special prayers are offered on these days, or the people in gala dress gather together to offer prayers in a body.

As these places are very special, they ought to be very carefully looked after. These places besides ministering to the religious needs of the people, also serve as a common meeting ground, and conduce to social and national solidarity. It is very essential that in mosques a calm and serene atmosphere should prevail, because it is only in such conditions that the true religious spirit can be engendered. Mosques should be neat, clean and comfortable, where one may be able to hold communion with God undisturbed.

It is a pity that in Pakistan most of our mosques are far from being what they ought to be. Men in charge who should be models of piety and religious zeal are in most cases corrupt, and cases are on record. in which their diabolical deeds make one's hair stand on end. These devils in human form ought not to be kept in such places at all; and very careful supervision on the part of the public is necessary to ensure the purity of such sacred places.

The income and expenditure and management of these places should be entirely under public control. Some Mosques are richly endowed, and the income is wasted in satisfying the low tastes of Maulvis and followers. Every one should be aware of these persons and take care that Mosques funds be used for charity purposes.
Mosques are made for the prayer and when the large number of people gathered together at the time of prayer, they presents a very picturesque and spiritual scene.

In Mosques, great care is taken to make the place impressive and comfortable. Art is employed in such places in the service of religion, and this is the real function of art. From the religious places, you can judge of the aesthetic and artistic tastes of the people. There mosques must be kept clean and beautiful.

Essay On Pleasures Of Travelling

Essay On Pleasures Of Travelling.Travelling is a great source of knowledge. It has also much educational value. While travelling a person meets different persons and visits different places. In this way he increases his knowledge. Many educational instittutions organise educational tours for their students. In the western countries travelling among the young boys and girls is a very popular pastime.Travelling is also a pleasure. One can get respite from his daily routine and worries by travelling.

It gives us the opportunity to meet our friends and relatives who are living far away from us. It also give us the opportunity to meet new people and get acquainted with their new customs and traditions. One can also eat different kinds of goods while travelling. We can also know about other countries by reading travel books. But when we travel to these places we can see the things with our own eyes. The account of those places which we get from the books is second rate, whereas by travelling to those place we get the first hand knowledge.

By travelling we can visit many historical places like Murree, MuHam Kalar Kahar, etc. We can see these historical places and learn about their importance. Similarly we can see many other places of tourist interest and historical importance. We can also visit places like the Valley of Kashmir and enjoy it heavenly beauty. Travelling in the mountainous areas of North is also a great experience.

According to Bacon 'gravelling in the young iS part of education, in the elder, a part of experience". The young can gain a lot by travelling. They can learn about the local customs language, culture etc. By travelling one also becomes social and learns to mix • with other people. His outlook because cosmopolitan. Travelling teaches us to be free from narrow mindedness and prejudices. A person who seldom travels remains a frog of a well. He is full of prejudices and narrow mindedness. Travelling makes our outlook liberal and cultivate the spirit of toleration.

,Travelling promotes the spirit of brotherhood. In our country tflere.are many social and political evils like casteism, provincialism, communalism. But free travelling and intermixing of the different communities remilves many of these narrow prejudices. because when people travel in buses or trains they meet many new persons. They also try to understand other's point, of view.

Similarly travelling to foreign countries also gives us a lot of experience and pleasure. We come to know about their progress and development as well as their culture. Travelling abroad develops the
sprit of universal brotherhood and cosmopolitanism. Many of the problems of the world can cosmopolitanism. Many of the problems of the world can be solved today if all barriers in the way of free travel are removed. Lack of communication among the people of different countries is the main cause of their misunderstanding and disputes.

Travelling is thus a wonderful experience. It enables us to gain first-hand information about our own country as well as about foreign countries. The whole world is one family is developed. It sharpens our understanding and observation. We also become alert and smart. Travelling is a wonderful training of the mind and the spirit. It is, therefore, very essential that the hobby of travelling should be inculcated among the youth.

Essay On A Visit To A Hill Station

Essay On A Visit To A Hill Station.It is a great pleasure to visit a hill station in summer. It was in these months that I visited the Murree hills. I went there to spend a part of my summer vacation. To enjoy this visit fully, I also invited some close friends. We left Lahore for Murree by bus and reached Rawalpindi at about eleven o'clock. As we knew that Murree was a costly place, we purchased many things of daily need from Rawalpindi.

We reached Murree at about 3 p.m. the same day. It was a fine cloudy day and the weather was very pleasant. We put up at an old hotel, called the 'Sunny View'. After having rested there for a while, we came out to have a view of the hills. It was a new experience for or one was in level with the door of the other. This looked very interesting. The valley below the hills looked like a great cup full of beautiful flowers and flowing streams. On the first day we walked to the Kashmir Point and enjoyed ourselves with its beautifuVview.

Well-dressed ladies and gents crowded the Mall cafes and tea-houses. I wondered how so many educated and cultured people had come together at such a far off hill station at one and the same time. In the evening, when we were returning to our hotel, it grew dark and a gentle shower of rain began to fall. Wee hurried back and reacheitto our hotel in ten minutes. Then we changed our dress as it had become quite wet due to rain. The night was quite cold and I hadto cover myself with a blanket.

Throughout the night it continued raining, but when it was dawn, the rain stopped. We were very glad to see this sudden change of weather. After our breakfast we went out to see the Sanitorium down in the valley. This is a beautiful little spot situated in a fine valley. There are thick forests of pine trees, and the entire area is green and charmirg. There are also many fruit gardens on the slopes. On our way back we crossed two fast- flowing streams. The water of these streams was very cold and clean, but it was not so deep.

After three day's stay in the hills we returned to Lahore, which was as hot and dry as we hand left it. Nayhow, our shorts visit to the Murree Hills was a good change and I shall ever remember the beautiful "Sunny View, and the Kashmir Point. These were perhaps the most well-spent days of my life.

Essay On A Visit To A Village.When someone visits a village, it seems that he has come to a different planet. Life moves so fast in city that the residents feel hard to keep pace with. it. The automobiles spread smoke every where. Everyone seems to be running from place to place. He may use a car. mobile or a city transport. Animals and birds seem to have disappeared or migrated to some other lands.

It was my first visit to a village which is not far away from Lahore. Only one bus goes there in the morning and returns in the evening. The passengers had not only put milk-drums in the bus but also carried huge bags. Some of them were sitting on the roof. As we passed through the link roads, there were green fields all around. The farmers had sown the winter crop and were watering the plants carefully. I had never come across so much green space anywhere in the city:

The bus stopped near a pond which was giving out a stinking smell, I covered my nose with hand-kerchief. We were to reach the school. The lane was covered with mud. As we started. some cows and buffaloes came from behind. They ran into one another and might have trampled me but I was saved due to my alertness.

An old man was sitting on a cot smoking hookah. Some children were playing around him. It looked as if life had come to a standstill. When I requested a villager to guide me to the school, he asked a small boy to take us there. There was a small building with only two rooms. The students were sitting on coil mats. They were writing on their wooden plates called Takhties. There was dullness all around: I could not hear noise of any type except the barking of a few dogs.

• There were a few well-dressed young-men who told me that they were employed in the city. They had come there to visit their • relatives.. I was told that there were no . marketing and clinical facilities in the village. I have decided to work for these villages when I osoW up.

Essay On A Visit To A Circus Show

Essay On A Visit To A Circus Show.Last month t happened to see a circus in my town. The proprietors of the circus got a big grou. lid outside the town on rent. this spot was covered with many canopies. Some were meant for the animals, others for the workers and a huge shamiana was meant for the circus show.As I went there, I saw huge gates having the photographs of tigers, elephants and other animals. The entire place was glittering with lights. I entered the arena. There were many seats.

All the seats were packed. Men, women and children, were anxiously waiting for the show to start. Soon the show started.The first item to be presented was gymnastics. This performance was given by girls. All the girls did marvelous exercises like swings. exchange of swings and walking on a rope.The second item was a dance by a troupe of girls. They an danced to the accompaniment of a band. This dance performance was highly appreciated by spectators.

Then came elephant, one elephant stood on its hind legs. Another elephant walked over a plank placed on the chest of a man. while one of the elephants cycled.Another item shown was of lion and the lion-tamer. All the lions obeyed the commands of the master. The item showing a lion and lamb drinking water from the same tub was also shown.

The show came to an end at 10 P.M. It was a thrilling circus show. Almost all the spectators were pleased with this show. The memories of the scenes are still afresh in my mind. Everybody enjoyed the circus show and that is why they returned with the smiling face.