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Monday, 16 October 2017

Essay on A Visit to a Place of Interest

Last winter, my uncle was posted at Shahdad Kot, a small town in Larkana and I was with him during my winter vacation. One Friday morning he took to me to Moen-Jo-Daro. We took a passenger train and reached Dokri. From Dokri we hired Yakka and after covering eleven miles reached Moen-Jo-Daro.

After arriving at the ruins of Moen-Jo-Daro we first went to see the museum. It comprises of a single hall. Things excavated at the site were kept there welt arranged. Tools, knives and articles of daily use were arranged on one side. Some toys, remains of a bullock cart, some earthen dolls, bronze statue of a dancing girl, a bust of a bearded man, some seals with figure of bull engraved on them and some inscriptions in a strange language were kept on the other side. In a glass almirah, beautifully made ornaments were arranged. These ornaments contained precious stones and were made very artistically. A necklace of ruby found under the skeleton of a young girl killed near a well in the great massacre by the unknown attackers was also kept there, It was made of ruby pieces. We marvelled at the craftsmanship of the people who lived there about five thousand years ago.

After lunch we went to see the ruins. A guide led us along a lane paved with red bricks by the old residents. On either side of the lane there were ruins of houses. In every house there were ruins of rooms, a bath room and a well. The entire city was well planned with an elaborate sewerage system and covered drains. Then we went to see the great public hall and granary now almost mined. From there we went to see the great bathing poor. In this poor there was mechanical arrangement to let water come in and flow out at will. Near the pool some small baths were built where people were required to bath first before entering the pool.

Then the guide took us along a very wide road once paved with red bricks but now dusty with some bricks here and there. This was the main road. On one side, the guide told us, was the busy market place. On the other side ruins of the great palace of the Raah were lying.
It was now four O’clock in the evening and we had to return and catch the passenger train for Shahdad Kot. So we started on our return Journey marvelling at the Civilization that had flourished in the valley of Sindh, five thousand years ago.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Essay on My First Flight By Aeroplane

Last summer vacation my uncle who is a surgeon at Halifax invited my family to visit him. He sent the air tickets and a sponsorship letter addressed to British High commission at Karachi undertaking to bear our expenses there. We got passports issued to us urgently and after much difficulty got three months visa.

One fine morning we reached Karachi airport to take the flight. At the airport formalities were completed and we were then led to the Departure lounge. When the announcer’s call for the passengers for Manchester bound NA flight came, we walked down the corridor to the plane where after showing the Boarding Cards we were taken in and led to our respective seats.

At the appointed time, the doors were shut and the plane began to move slowly. Then it reached the end of the airstrip and began to run. Soon it rose in the air and then began to fly at a height of thirty thousand feet. To peep down through the glass fitted windows was thrilling. The trees, the hills, and the houses looked very small. After an hour the plane got down at Dubai. We were allowed to go up to the airport building where there were some shops filled with foreign goods. We remained at Dubai for an hour.

From Dubai the plane took off and headed for Frankfurt. It was a long and tedious journey. The air hostesses served us breakfast, lunch and tea. Some passengers were served with wine also but we were given Coca Cola. Small television sets were fixed in the upper backside of each seat and we enjoyed the television shows specially shown on these sets. Whenever the plane took off got down or passed through clouds we were warned to fasten our safety belts. En the way to Frankfurt we met many aeroplanes flying towards Dubai. At about 2 p.m. local time we reached Frankfurt.

At Frankfurt we went up to the shopping centre specially constructed for passengers. Each shop was crowded with foreigners. We stayed at Frankfurt for an hour and then took off for Manchester. The plane flew over English channel and England. It flew so low that we could see ships, cars, roads, houses and gardens. At Manchester we got down the plane one by one and got our arrival reported at the counter. Then we went to the waking room. Our relatives were waiting for us. We stayed at Manchester for a few days and then went to Halifax by car.

Essay on Scene at a Railway Station

My cousin had come to US from Lahore last March. After a fortnight he intended to return and got his seat reserved in Tezgam. We reached cant onment station half an hour before the departure of the train, bought platform ticket for three persons who had come to see the cousin off and hired a cooli to carry his luggage.

A ticket chocker was standing at the gate. We handed over to him our tickets. He nipped them and then returned them to us. As we stepped in I saw a large crowd. Some were standing or talking. Some were smoking and some were on the move. It appeared as if there was some fair. A few hawkers were selling their articles such as bangles, sweets, cigarettes etc. There were a few tea stalls and Pan cigarette cabins on platform number one which people had surrounded and were buying tea. cakes, pastries coca cola, cigarettes etc. There were some benches on which people were sitting.

After a few minutes, Tezgam was at the platform. Soon there was a stir. Everybody moved briskly towards the train. Everybody was trying to get in. Coolies were busy in throwing the luggage inside he compartments through the windows. There were shouting, callings noises and commotion. Sonic people were trying to get in to the train through the windows. There was such a noise and tumult as if Doomsday had come.

Since my cousin’s seat was reserved, I searched tar the conductor in-charge, who was responsible for reserved seat. He was standing at one end guiding passengers to their respective compartment in which their seal were reserved. We entered the first class compartment, put our luggage it the specific place and came out to have a stroll along the platform.

The commotion had abated but the noise was there. The train was full of passengers. Still the late corners were trying to get in. Some passengers who were lucky to get their seats were preventing the new corners from entering the compartment. Some were quarreling and some were enjoying the quarrel. Some were trying to pacify the two parties. We went up to the other end of the train. When we returned back, every body was inside the compartments and waiting for the train to move. We hurried to get my cousin seated before the departure of he train. As he entered his compartment, the signal was downed and the train whistled. We came out of the compartment and the train moved.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Essay on A Visit to a Zoo

A zoo is a place where different animals from different countries are kept. In other countries arraignments are made to provide their natural surroundings to these animals but in Pakistan they are kept in cages.

One day our family decided to visit zoo. It opens at 0800 hrs in the morning. We bought entry tickets at the main gate and went inside. As we walked a little distance, we saw some zebras looking at us. These were kept in an open space fenced with iron bars. Not far away was an other iron fence covered with wires. In this fence we saw antelopes gazelles, and other kinds of deer. Sonic of them were homed. Some of these dears were grazing and other were looking at us. From there we came to a water pool covered on every side with thick wires. We saw flamingos, pelicans, different kinds of storks, cranes and other water birds like coots, herons, ducks etc. Most of them were busy in catching fish and swallowing them. We stood and saw them for some time. From there we came to a series of cages where parrots of white, crimson, and multi coloured plumage were kept. We had never seen such beautiful parrots. Some bad crowns on their heads. A few yard farther there were cages of falcon and eagles. Some of them were dreadfully big. One was bald.

We, then, went to see tigers, hyena, leopards, lions, wolves and other carnivorous animals. They looked fearful. Some of them were walking to and fro but most of them were inside the rooms constructed for them. Nearby were the cages in which bears and grizzlies were kept. An obnoxious smelt came out of the cages.

We, then, went to see snakes kept in glass rooms. On the glass floor and walls, it was hard for them to creep. Nearby was the aquarium where we saw a lot of beautiful fish. We were astonished to see them. Some of those were multicoloured. From the aquarium we went to see otters kept in a pool. Not far away was a cage in which two lynxes were kept. They had spotted furs and short tails. We were now tired we walked out of the zoo and tested for quarter of an hour in a restaurant and then went home.

Essay on A Visit to A Museum

A museum is a place where objects illustrating antiquity, arts, science etc., are kept, exhibited and studied. In foreign countries there are museums for different articles such as railway museum, clock museum, fossil museum, natural history museum etc.
During last summer vacation I was with my uncle at Halifax. We went to London for a week. One day we went to see British Museum . The museum is kept in a huge building comprising of many storey’s.

The antiquities kept there are divided into sections, such as coins and medals section, Egyptian antiquities section, Greek and Roman Antiquities section, Medieval and Later antiquities section, western Asiatic antiquities section, Prehistoric Roman British Antiquities section and so on. Each section comprises of many rooms, each for different period or place.
In the coins sections coins and medals of different periods are kept. We saw coins of Macedon (357 BC) and Silver Coins of Akragas (421 B.C). Coins of Kanishka of India were also there.

In Egyptian Antiquities section articles of different periods find dynasties are kept. We saw mummies kept in glass cases. We saw stone statue of Ramesses II, glass fish (1370 BC), cat goddess of bronze (600BC), a boat (1850 BC) and many other things.

In Greek and Roman Antiquities section, we saw statues, busts, vases, urns, paintings etc. The Portland Vase bearing the figure of Atlanta, and the head of Augustus made very beautifully, attracted our attention the most.

In the Medieval and Latin antiquities section a lot of things like Pegasus Vase, Venetian glass goblet and mosaic broach attracted us the most. In Western Asiatic Antiquities section, there were two rooms only for articles excavated at Nimrood. In them there were ivory carvings busts etc. A human headed winged bull (710 BC) was also there. This section comprised of 20 rooms. A goat and tree statue made about 2500 BC and the statue of a lion killing a negro were also there and impressed us the most.

In the oriental antiquities section a life size clay figure of a camel., Gandhara relics, a bronze statue of god Vishnu, a bronze ritual vessel (1200 BC) from china, looked grand. In Indian section we saw the royal robe and sword of Tippu Sultan, a hut containing all the articles used by an Indian farmers and other things. The museum was going to the closed at 5 P.M., so we left the museum and went to our hotel.

Essay on A Visit To a Hospital

Last March I went with my cousin to see one of my relations who was a student of Dow Medical College and lived in the Hostel. He took us to his room and entertained us. Then we asked him to show round the Hospital.

First of all we went to the Emergency room. There were benches, chairs and cots lying in the verandah and nearby rooms. In two rooms doctors were examining the patients. Three doctors were attending to the injured people lying on the benches or cots and groaning. A nurse was arranging to transfuse blood plasma. A few patients were getting glucose or saline drips.

Then we went to surgical block. The block comprises of two three-storied buildings. On each of the storeys big rooms were constructed. In those rooms general patients were kept. On every storey there was a room where a doctor and a few nurses were present. The records of patients were kept in these rooms on a table. There was silence all over the area. Then we went to see the operation theatres. They were very tidy. In the centre of each of the two operation theatres there was a table covered with milk white sheet. Over the table there was a big round light apparatus having five bulbs inside and a reflector. An orderly was sitting near the tablet.

Then we went to Neuro Surgery block. It comprised of a two storeyed building. Patients of paralysis, brain tumour and other grave brain diseases were kept there. Nearby stood the medical block. It comprised of there double storeyed buildings.

From there we went to Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department. There we saw a lot of people getting exercises, diathermy, ultrasound massage and exercises on various specially designed apparatus. The special exercises for disabled persons were being given.
In the last we vent to see the kitchen room run under the supervision of a qualified dietitian. Male and female cooks were busy in cooking various items for the patients. It was hot inside. From the kitchen, we went to the hostel and took tea there.