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Saturday, 2 June 2018

The state of freedom from war or violence is called "Peace". It is the state which can make this world like a heaven. The importance of peace in the world can be described by short comparison of war and peace.
  1. War is destructive, peace is constructive.
  2. War destroys, peace preserves.
  3. War calls in beast in man, peace makes man civilized.
  4. War creates hate, peace promotes love and friendship.
  5. War causes bloodshed, peace brings progress and prosperity.
People long for peace and raise their hands in prayers. The victories of peace are no less than the victories of war. In the first place, peace is indispensable for human progress. All the mighty inventions of science and the creations of art are the victories of peace. Peace gives us the message of universal brotherhood and friendship. Humanity cannot survive without love and peace.
Islam is a religion of peace. It gives clear ideas and the best reforming laws about social and political systems. The great purpose of Islam is to produce an everlasting state of peace in the world. Islam gives also very clear ideas about the peaceful individual life. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) showed practically the examples of peace. He always prayed for his enemies. After the conquest of Makkah, he forgave all his enemies and tried to create a peaceful atmosphere there. He established a harmonious society in Madina. Islam teaches the lessons of mutual respect but it also gives lessons to fight against the evils and to establish the state of peace after making struggle, war and efforts.

Is war necessary for peace? it is a very difficult question to answer. Before answering it man must see it ins and outs. If war is necessary, it is a necessary evil. Its evil is sometimes concealed for a time by its glamour and excitement, but when war is seen in its reality, there is a very little glory about it. At its best, it is a hideous calamity in the great wars, millions of men, women and children were killed, or died of disease, famine and untold sufferings.

After the event of 11th September, and the destruction of the World Trade Center in the United States of America, war to win peace has become more expeditious. The American establishment has tried to interfere the politics of the countries which are considered as working to use their energies for warfare. The destruction and killing in Afghanistan and Iraq is the part of war to win peace. The American establishment calls their struggle is for the end of nuclear trend in the world but it is making the exploitation of human rights. The war to win peace is actually a devilish plot to destroy the power of those who are trying to get their basic rights.

War is not necessary to win the peace. The peace can be established by showing great moral values and by providing the equal rights for everyone. So the world could be made a peaceful and happy place. Islam teaches the lessons of peace and tolerance. Islam is the religion with the greatest ideas about human rights. It gives a complete description of duties and rights. It gives the teaching of mutual respect and it provides all such qualities, if they are implemented rightly than no war is needed to establish the peace in the world.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Essay on Place and Status of Women in Islam

Islam gives great laws about social system, In Islamic rules, the rights of individuals are kept in first place. The Quran declares that the best act is good treatment to women. According to Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), the status and the rights of women are cleared.

  • And the believers, men and women are protecting friends. (Surah Toba)
  • The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) says ‘God commandeth you treat women well, for they are your mother, daughters, sisters and aunts.”
  • Allah says in the Holy Quran, ‘This is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to acquire knowledge and educate.”

Woman in Islam is highly respected as wife, mother, daughter and sister. Before Islam, birth of a female child was highly resented and repented. They were burned alive. In fact it is Islam that has presented the idea of women’s honour and rights. To secure strong economic position for them, Islam has given full property rights to women. Islam has given all the social rights to women like freedom, choice of partner, good education and inheritance.

Education is equally important for both boys and girls. Basically education is a universal need, rather right of every citizen, Education is an equal right of women. Girls are said to be the light of home. If they are educated, they will carry the light wherever they go. If the women are educated, they can prove themselves as better mothers and wives. They can educate the children and have great influence on them. They can teach them the respect for the superiors, the teachers arid the taws of country. We should pray to God that a time will come when everyone without the difference of sexes learn the advantage of education.

In limitation of the west, our women too have demanded equal rights with men in every field of life and are even trying to adopt the fashions of men. They want equal seats in assemblies, equal number of posts in the government service, equal chance of freedom and movement and even equal rights in domestic life. Many of them shun the responsibilities of motherhood and prefer to remain unmarried. They are working in factories, offices and even in the army. Thus the whole Eastern concept of "Womanhood" being revolutionized and the new ideas are being represented to us is the name of and civilization, Islam recognizes the equality of the two sexes fully well hut equality should not be understood to mean the tasks of the two sexes are alike.

After the final examination, there are three responsibilities in case of girl students to study further, to stay at home or to launch out into a career. The girls who want to adopt a career, many avenues are open. Advertising Is a field that can appeal to girls with Imagination. There are unlimited opportunities for commercial girl artist in this field. For the girls with a passion for books, a library would be the Ideal place to work, Basic training I required but the pay is very handsome, of a girl has the ability to put down her thoughts in words, journalism can prove a rewarding career, For science students who want to make their use of their knowledge, research would be good Idea. Laboratories and research institutions welcome them.

There are many other professions open for girls. They can become hostesses in some airlines. They can work as Family Planning Officers. They can serve in the field of Insurance as Field Officers.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ taught love, kindness and compassion to his people, and was seen to be the most loving, kind, and compassionate of all of them. The Quran mentions his kind and gentle behavior in these words: “O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you” (Quran 3:159).

There are many instances that show his kindness and gentleness, especially to the weak and the poor. Anas, who was his helper, said: “I served Allah’s Messenger for ten years and he never said to me, ‘Shame’ or ‘Why did you do such-and-such a thing?’ or ‘Why did you not do such-and-such a thing?’” (Bukhari, 2038).

Once the Holy Prophet ﷺ said to his wife: “0 ‘A’ishah! Never turn away any needy man from your door empty-handed. 0 ‘A’ishah! Love the poor; bring them near to you and God will bring you near to Him on the Day of Resurrection”. He ﷺ also went much further on to say: “Seek me among your weak ones, for you are given provision, or you are given help only by reason of the presence of your weak ones”. (Rahman, Encyclopedia of Seerah, VOL. VIII, p. 151) Allah Almighty is Kind, and the Prophet ﷺ imitated Allah’s example in its perfection by showing kindness to his servants and all creatures without any regard for their beliefs, color or nationality. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Allah is kind and likes kindness in all things” (Bukhari, 6601).

His heart ached within him at the corrupt state of his fellow-Meccans and their rejection of One God. The Holy Quran testifies to it in these words: “0 Muhammad, you will, perhaps, consume yourself with grief because the people do not believe” (Quran 26:3). In Surah Kahf, we read: “Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.” (Quran 18:6). And Surah Fatir says: “So let not your life be consumed in grief for their sake.” (Quran 35:8).

The Holy Prophet ﷺ took a great interest in the welfare of all people and had great compassion for people in trouble. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ imitated the attributes of Allah par excellence and translated them into practice in the highest form possible for man. Kindness is an attribute of Allah, which has no limits. It is extensive and encompasses all things and all beings without discrimination. Likewise was the kindness of the Prophetﷺ. Heﷺextended it to all beings, both animate and inanimate and benefited all without measure. The Quranic words for the Prophet’sﷺkindness, Ra’ufun Rahim (Quran 9:128) are very intensive and comprehensive in meaning and convey the true nature and extent of the Prophet’s kindness to people. The Prophet ﷺ said: “One of the finest acts of kindness is for a man to treat his fathers’ friends in a kindly way after he has departed” (Abu dawud, 5123)

The issue of treating friends well was also extended to include relations: “He who wishes to have his provision enlarged and his term of life prolonged should treat his relatives well” (Bukhari, 5985). He emphasized on this matter because he deeply held the view that “Only kindness prolongs life, and a person is deprived of provisions for the faults he commits” (Ibn Majah). Bahz b. Hakim, on his father’s authority, said that his grandfather told him that he had asked Allah’s Messengerﷺto whom he should show kindness and that the Prophetﷺhad replied: “Your mother.” He asked who came next and he replied: “Your mother.” He asked who came next and he replied for the third time: “Your mother.” He again asked who came next and heﷺreplied: “Your father, then your relatives in order of relationship” (Abu Dawud, 5120). He dwelled on the issue of treating orphans humanely as he stated that “The best house among the Muslims is one which contains an orphan who is well treated, and the worst house among the Muslims is one which contains an orphan who is badly treated” (Ibn Majah, 3679). This means that the Prophetﷺcautioned his followers against general maltreatment of anyone regardless of his status. By extending good treatment from friends to relatives and now to neighbors, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was intent in making all humans interdependent as he emphasized in the following words: “All creatures are Allah’s dependents  and those dearest to Allah are the ones who treat His dependents kindly” (Rahman, VOL VIII, p. 154). He ﷺ emphasized the kind treatment of women again and again in his speeches:

Treat women kindly, since they are your helpers; . . . you have your rights upon your wives and they have their rights upon you. Your right is that they shall not allow anyone you dislike to enter your bed or your home, and their right is that you should treat them well. (from the Farewell Sermon of the Prophet)

Once a number of women complained to the Prophet’s wives about their ill-treatment by their husbands. On hearing of this, the Prophet ﷺ said: “Such persons among you are not good persons.” (Abu Dawud, 1834). This condemnation by the Prophet himself was an indication that no one will be accepted before God who, while on earth, decided to be unkind to women. Another person said to the Prophetﷺ: “0 Messenger of Allah! My relatives are such that although I cooperate with them, they cut me off; I am kind to them but they ill treat me.” The Prophet ﷺ said this in reply: “So long as you continue as you are, God will always help you and He will protect you against their mischief” (Muslim, 4640). This was not only a way of bringing comfort to the mind of the worried person but one of the communicative techniques of the Prophetﷺto assure who ever found himself in that situation to look up to Allah to be consoled and protected. So it was pointless to preach vengeance to this kind of people suffering from this similar fate. Indeed, Prophet Muhammadﷺwas nothing short of a competent counselor.

He ﷺ was always counseling people to be goodhearted regardless of their sex, age or gender. Once Asma bint Abu Bakr’s mother, who was still an unbeliever, came to see her in Madinah. She told this to the Prophet ﷺ and said: “My mother has come to see me and she is expecting something from me. May I oblige her?” The Prophet ﷺ said: “Yes, be kind to your mother” (Muslim, 2195). This attitude of the Prophet was equally extended to Zainab as-Saqafia, the wife of Abdullah ibn Mas’ud and an Ansari woman. She went to see the Prophet ﷺ and to inquire whether it would be a charity if they spent something on their husbands and on the orphans under their care. The Prophet ﷺ said: “They will get a two-fold reward, one for kindness towards their relatives and the other for charity” (Bukhari, 1466).

There are many Ahadith concerning his kindness to animals, birds and insects: “Allah prescribed kindness towards everything; so when you slaughter any animal, slaughter it well; when you sacrifice, make your sacrifice good. And let everyone sharpen his weapon and make it easy for his sacrificed animal” (Muslim, 5055). He ﷺ made this kind of statement to demonstrate his love for both humans and animals. In essence, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was equally showing his followers that he too is feels pain.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Essay On The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad.Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W (P.B.U.H) is the last prophet of the Muslim. He was born at Makkah in 571 A.D. His father. Abdullah had died before he was born. He was brought up by his mother Amena. Then he was brought up by his loving grandfather Abdul Muttalib. a chief of the Quraish. But when he died after eight years,his uncle. Abu Talib, under took to look after him. He looked after with love and took great care of him.

Hazrat Abdul Mutlib become very happy on the birth of his grandson. Someone asked Hazrat Abdul Mutlib will praise my grandson. "His hope came true. A few days after his birth, the child was put under the care of a nurse, Hazrat Haleema Saadia. She took him to her desert home and looked after him for four years. The child brought luck and happiness to the family of his nurse. Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) grew into a fine boy. He was very kind and gentle. He was loved by the people. People called him Sadiq (truthful) and Amin (honest).

When Hazrat Muhammad was at the age of 25, Hazrat Khadeeja named Tahira, a rich widow of Makkah, heard about his great virtues. She asked him to run her business. She was greatly impressed by his fine qualities. She married him when he was 25. She proved to be the most faithful and sincere wife.

The angle Gabriel brought the first message of God to Hazrat Muhammad. when he was of 40 years of age. He declared that he was a Prophet of God. He began to preach Islam. In those days, the people of Arabia worshipped idols. They thought that these figures of stone and wood were gods. Many. Arabs killed their daughters as soon as they were born. They were always fighting among themselves. They used to do all evil things.

He adviced the people not to do bad deeds. He told them that idols were not gods. He asked the people to worship the one True God. their Creator. He asked them to give up their bad ways. He asked them not to tell lies, not to drink, not to gamble and not to bury their daughters alive. He asked them to say prayers and help the poors.

Hazrat Muhammad fought many battles against the infidels. Soon Islam overcame the whole Arabia. The Holy Prophet passed away when he was 63. His sacred tomb is in Medina. He showed the right way to the people of the whole world. He made his followers honest, pious, kind and truthful. He is the last Prophet of Allah. Muslim should follow his teachings to succeed in this world and the world hereafter.

The Kindness of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Essay