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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Essay On Prize Distribution Function In My College.Prize Distribution Function is important in the life of a college. It comes only once in a year. This generates new enthusiasm in the college. A strong link is established with the public. This function is really very attractive. Like other years, this year also the function attracted hall- packed audience consisting of parents and invitees. The prize giving function of the college was held on the 15th January. The Director o: Education was invited to grace the occasion as the chief guest.

The preparations for the function started a month earlier. The college building was white washed. The college hall, where the function was to be held, was beautifully decorated with pictures and charts. On the appointed day. a beautiful table and certain chairs were placed on the stage. The carpets were spread to seat the students and in the rest of the hall, chairs were arranged. The front rows were reserved for the teachers and invitees.

The function was to start at 10 A.M. By 9.30 A.M. the was jam-packed with the audience. The visitors were very m,...ii impressed by the arrangements which the students had made. In one corner, there was a table, where the prizes and trophies were arranged. row all of us were eagerly looking for the arrival of the chief guest.

It was in the nick of time that the Director of Education came in his car. He was accorded a warm welcome by the Principal and the senior members of the staff. The band was played in his honor as he entered the hall; all the students and other audience stood up as a mark of respect. The Director of Education was profusely garlanded by the Principal and by certain other senior members of the staff. As soon as the chief guest occupied his scat, there was pin-drop silence in the Hall.

The principal broke the ice by giving a brief isntroducti6n of the life-sketch of the Chief Guest. Later he read the Annual Report of the college, giving an account of the .past achievements of the college. At the same time he requested the Chief Guest tp enhance to annual grant which was quite insufficient in view of tbe students'
interest in manifold activities.

The Principal instructed the president. of the Literary Club to begin with the cultural program. Some students sang beautiful songs. "Prince and the Wood Cutter" of "Six • One Act Plays", a prescribed book, was staged. The participants got thunderous applause from the audience for their wonderful talents which they showed in acting. The students who took part in this play. seemed to 7C well-prepared. Some folk-dances added charm to it.

The Chief Guest, who presided. gave away the prizes to the prize-winner and shook hands with them. The President delivered a short speech wherein he praised the perlOrmance of the students and encouraged them to participate still more enthusiaslically. I le also admired the sense of discipline imbibed by the students during the entire funetOwThen,,the Principal got up and thanked the President for his kitunt it to the college.

Thus, the function came to an end with the singing of the National Anthem. The following day was declared to be a holiday h the Principal.

If I Were The Principal Of My College Essay

Essay On If I Were The Principal Of My College.I have my own views about becoming the Principal of my college. I feel that the principal of the college should also be elected from amongst the students. When we live in a democracy why should we deny this right to the students? There should be a students' council elected by the students themselves. Every class should send its own representative. These class-representatives should form a Parliament.

The Principal should be responsible to them. The students are never consulted in the appointment of the teachers. I shall ask a candidate to teach the class and the students will obverse his lesson. Only those teachers, who can satisfy the students, will be selected.

The students will look after the discipline and cleanliness in the college themselves. They will punish the late comers and tell their parents to send them in time. One student from each class will be on duty. He will check the cleanliness of the students. He will also see to it that no one roams about the con-idors. Another will be on duty in the reception hall. He will attend to the visitors and the telephone calls.

There will be very few teaching periods. They will end before the recess. The students will take part in games. sports and co-curricular activities. They will make more use of the library. In fact, the teachers will guide them only in removing their difficulties. They will inspire us to read new books.

There will be no physical punishment. If a student miss- behaves. he will be suspended from the games and other activity periods. The clubs and societies will not be mere show-pieces for the visitors. They will function actively and lay stress on self-learning. Each and every student will have to take part in drama and group songs. I shall lay stress on manual labour. Each student will have to work in the garden or the workshop. The students will earn while they learn.

No teacher will be allowed to take up tuitions. If any student needs help. he will be guided during the college hours.I got this chance last year only for one day. The students managed the college themselves on the children's day. i.e. 14th Nol, ember and I was made the Principal.
I wish to get this opportunity once again and that too

Essay On The Role Of College Libraries

Essay On The Role Of College Libraries.That libraries play a vital part in furthering educational aims is undeniable. As an appreciation and recognition of this fact, libraries are increasingly becoming an integral part of college everywhere. A college library performs a great many functions. Without doubt, as an effective instrument of learning, it could be directed towards definite educational aims. The most important function of the library is that it provides an excellent opportunity to develop reading habits in students.

This is a vital and effective step in the fulfillment of educational aims because without reading there is little learning. By developing the reading habit the child's vision is broadened and his knowledge is widened, thereby enriching his life.

College libraries enable students to develop their initiative and self-reliance. In using the facilities of the library students begin to learn many things from books without depending on guidance from the teacher. This type of training is very valuable and essential in after-college life because education does not end on leaving college. Education is a life-long process. We have to learn many things by living and growing up in society. It is here that the qualities of initiative and self-reliance prove to be a great asset to an individual.

College libraries break down barriers existing among various school objects. By wider reading the students begin to discover the interrelation of different subjects. In this respect the college library acts as an integrating factor. Students begin to understand the general process of learning.

A proper understanding of the interrelation of subjects makes students appreciate the necessity for learning many different subjects. A student who is apt in a particular subject has the opportunity of increasing his knowledge of it by further reading in a well-stocked school library, even if a detailed knowledge of the subject is unnecessary for the purpose of passing a school examination.

The right and relevant reading material channels students towards mature thinking and cultivates their aesthetic and moral values. They enter adult life with certain pronounced interests in art. literature. drama. music philosophy. In addition the college library provides them with the necessary information about requirements for higher education or the careers they wish to choose, thus preparing them for an easy passage from college to adult life.

In view of these valuable benefits derived from the college library, it has been aptly referred to as a -fountain of inspiration and discovery-.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Essay On Examinations Hall Day

Essay On Examinations Hall Day .Examinations in the field of education have become a source of fear for the examinees, a yardstick of teacher's efficiency and also an essential part of the educational system. It has been repeatedly emphasized that the system of examinations available in Pakistan is not foolproof The educationists have not been able to find a suitable alternative to examinations; the internal assessment system has not been free from alpractices. Examinations in the field of education are very important because they determine the capability of the students as far as their intellectual make-up is concerned.

The examinees suffer a lot from psychological torture before the examinations, during the examination and after the examinations. A day before the examinations is quite troublesome.. The examinees think of questions and dream of questiotts still they feel that they have not been able to prepare properly for the examination. Everything seems to disappear from his memory. In front of the examination hall, he is unnerved by the suggestions of students, some say that they have prepared all the questions thoroughly. others think that certain questions are sure to be asked.

These types of remarks and suggestions make them lose their confidence. During the examinations the eyes glance over the question paper hurriedly and if the question paper happens to be difficult drops of perspiration glisten on the forehead of the candidate. He looks here and there and asks for a glass of water. On the other hand if the question paper happens to be easy the candidate fails to decide which question he should do first. After the examination the examinees remain completely dissatisfied with their own work and calculate their marks almost daily.

The more they think about the examinations the more nervous do they become. As the Judgment day comes and the result it out, very few seem to be happy. Some complain of securing very low marks, others remain dissatisfied.It is some-what ridiculous to test the intelligence of the examinees within a period of three hours. There is a possibility that an examinee has read. so much that he may not be able to digest the material and present it congently. In this manner it is generally felt that the examination is not a true test of the intelligence of a candidate.

More over the system of marking is not fool-proof: In other words it is not possible to be so objective in assessment as it is supposed to be in many cases the examiners are different, so standard of marking is also somewhat different. Another defect in the present system of examinations is that the candidates totally depend upon the whim of the paper setter. It is left to the discretion of the paper setter to make a choice of the various questions from the prescribedsyllabus.

All of these factors go against impartiality which is suppbsed to be very important in education. The system of examinations should be overhauled because without changes we may not develop the talents of the students. Now a days greater emphasis is laid upon mugging up facts without co-relating them with the practical life. This simply means that the system of education is divorced from the day-today problems of life. The candidates should be given ample time to answer questions exhaustively and a general level of intelligence should be determined by some objective method.

It has also been proposed that there should be open book system as far as examinations areconcerned. It is based upon the presumption that only those who know the subject will able to answer the questions properly, others cannot. Similarly another suggestion regarding the reforms in the examinations system is to have spaced assessment of the candidate. 

Essay On Our Educational System Problems

Essay On Our Educational Problems,System.The present system of education is rotten to the core. It was designed to create clerks for the East India Company and later on to supply a number of officers to run the administration. Since the creation of Pakistan, .there has been a cry from the people that the prevailing system of education should be overhauled. Today we lace many educational problems.

First. our education is not based on Islamic principles. It is too materialistic in its outlook. The result is chaos in society. The students of today are disrespectful to their parents and elders. The present indiscipline in the schools and colleges can only be cured the students are made familiar with the Quran. We should base our education on Islamic Ideology. We should pursue western science, but we should not forget that we are Muslims. Now Islamiat" as a  subject has been made compulsory in schools and colleges Secondly, ours is a developing country.

We need more and more skilled workers. We need doctors, engineers, agriculturists, technicians in all spheres of life. Our problem is to have more industrial and technical colleges. Education in humanities should remain but it should be restricted only to a few. This will solve the problem of unemployment to a great extent. Moreover, we will be able to get rid of the foreign experts.

Thirdly, the need for suitable books is being acutely felt in Pakistan. Most of the books are foreign published. Some are published in Pakistan but they are not upto the mark. The learned men and scholars in the country must devote themselves to the writing of new books according to our needs. History will have to be re-written with special reference to the achievements of our national heroes. Modern Urdu literature should be given place in the syllabi. Reading texts must have scientific knowledge in them. They should preach our national ideology.

Fourthly, the most baffling question is that of the national languages. There are many languages in our country, Urdu, English. Arabicr and Punjabi. This language should be developed to high standards so that it may become suitable medium of expression. But a word of caution is necessary. We should not turn out English at once. Sentiment is no substitute for fact.

Lastly, our system of examination needs a drastic change. Our examinations are not a sure test of one's ability. Good marks and divisions in the examinations depend in change and cramming. A good student may fall ill and secure a poor third division; a poor student may cram a few questions and get a high first class. Our education should discourage cram work. It should take all possible steps to engender originality of thought and an aptitude for research work.

Essay On The Aims Of Higher Education

Essay On The Aims Of Higher Education.The sixties are more than ever the age of further education -- we need to train youths for the technological way of life and an understanding of its impact on the humanities. This' type of education, apart from providing immense opportunities, also poses challenges for the future. The object of education, in general, is to enable individuals to be fuller and society to be richer. Education must be constantly adaptable to new conditions, need and discoveries. It must provide for all.

While planning for higher education, we should if found necessary sidestep the burden of custom. and free our outlook from the shackles of traditionalism so as to would our universities to the needs of today and tomorrow. This must be a continuous process from earliest childhood to maturity.

In one respect this would break away from the old-type of departmental specialization which often ended with a student knowing a great deal about his own subject but very little about anything related to it. We cannot ignore the fact that specialization is necessary in a complex, modern society, but synthesis -- the bringing together of subjects so that we can perhaps find an underlying pattern in them -- is just as necessary.

To achieve this, it would be useful to tbllow an integrated course of study, giving time for students to pursue their specialized subjects for half the period of any course, and then allowing them to study with their fellow students in related subjects for threats of the period. Such a course would make their specialized learning meaningful. It might even turn experts into wise men.

Any system of learning which strives only to stuff individuals with knowledge will fall short of the broad aims of education. One •of the cardinal aims of education should be development of character and personality. For this students should be trained to think and judge independently, and to broaden their vision so as to understand, appreciate and accommodate opposing views. Most important of all, they should be trained to take a genuine interest in the life at surrounds them and to show a keen desire to contribute to its improvement.

This spirit of social obligation and readiness to sink personal and group activities in the common good of a larger whole, should be developed in full in the individuals. Education, in short, should be designed to produce a people capable of concessive action to identify their collective interests and to act in furtherance of them.

A fitting epitome to the aims of higher education is the remarks by Dr. Zakir Husain in a take on The state and Higher Education" that you (the students) have to work on yourselves to build, on the foundations of our peculiar endowiamt, a harnorious, stable and sensitive character. This character VGd will lytrness to some of the higher values of life,, that is, more than the merely personal. It will transform you into a moral personality. For individuality though character to personality is the destiny Of a worth while human life." This should be the goal of higher education.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Short Essay on The Muharram Festival

The Muharram is hardly a festival. We may call it mourning. The Muslims celebrate it in honor of the great Husayn. He scarified his life after fasting for ten days. The Muslims of Shia take part in this festival.

The Story

The story of the festival is very touching. None can help weeping. The Muharram has a historical background. Mohammad, the prophet, had two grandsons through his daughter. They were named Hassan and Husayn. Husayn was bravest and the purest man of his time. Hassan was caught by the enemy, Yazid-ul-Maviya. He was put to death. Husayn fought against the enemy. The war went in for 20 days. In the end the enemies surrounded Husayn while he was crossing the desert. He was prisoned for ten days. He was given no food or drink. On the 10th day he was put to death.

How the Festival is Celebrated

The festival lasts for ten days. It begins with the appearance of the new moon of the month on which it falls. A place is selected. All the mourners, great and small, gather there. It is called the council of mourners. They pray thought-out whole day. All distribute alms to the poor. For ten days they weep for Husayn. They curse the cruel Yazid.

Celebration of the Tenth Day

On the 10th day, bamboo frameworks are taken out from the place in procession. These frame works represent the tombs of Hassan and his ones. They are called marsias.They weep bitterly. Some of the mourners become wild with grief. All shout ‘O Hassan ! o Hassan!’ Women beat their breast with their hands in sorrow. They pass the whole night in this way.

Last Day of the Muharram

On the tenth day, which is the last of the festival, the tazias are carried to the Karbala the burial ground. There they are buried with loud cheers to Hassan and Husayn. After this they return home. They pass an hour in prayers. Then they sit down to the great for them. Thus the great festival of the Muharram comes to an end.


The Hindus show sympathy with there Muslim neighbors in their sorrow. They offer cold drinks to the mourners. Some of them out flowers and sweet on the tazias. A bad aspect of the festival is that, when the tazias are taken out, the rival parties quarrel.

Short Essay on Aashura Muharram

It is an important Muslim festival which commemorates the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Muharram is the first month of the Islamic year which begins with this festival. It is celebrated by the Muslims all over the world, but their ways of celebration are different.

It is believed that during this month, while on a journey, Hazrat Imam Hussain, his family members and a large number of his followers were surrounded by the forces of Yazid, the Muslim ruler at that time.

During their serge, they were harassed and tortured, even some of them were put to death. This dispute was the result of the disagreement among Muslims regarding the question of succession arising out of the demise of the fourth caliph, Hazrat Ali.

The Shias, an important sect of the Muslims, observe Muharram in different ways. They put on black clothes as a sign of mourning, with the start of the Muharram.

Majalis (assemblies) are held every day during the first nine days of the celebration, and events related to the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain and his parties are narrated by Shia orators.

On the tenth day of Muharram a large procession is taken out. They express their sorrows and briefs by inflicting wounds on their own bodies which is practiced to depict symbolically the sufferings of the martyrs.

In some parts of the world, drinking posts are set up temporarily by the Shia community where water and juices are served to all, free of charge. Thus, this festival is celebrated for 10 days starting from the first day of Muharram.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Essay On A Visit To A Hospital Essay On Hospital

Essay On A Visit To A Hospital Essay On Hospital.A visit to a hospital is an experience in itself. During the last summer. one of my friends met with an accident. He was admitted in the Services Hospital. Once I paid a visit to him. In this way I also visited the whole of the hospital. As I entered the hospital, I saw people coming and going. I went to the enquiry office and enquired about the wards. First of all visited the surgical ward. I saw patients lying silently on their beds. Some of the patients had their arms and legs bandaged and plastered. I also saw how a nurse and a doctor were attending on them. These two persons were very sympathetic.

The doctor was directing the nurse to give them necessary medicines. His way of talking was itself very consoling. Calm and quiet were prevailing in the whole ward. Then I went to the medical ward. I saw some of the patients lying on their beds very pensively. From their faces I guessed their pathetic plight. They all seemed to be disgusted with their disease. In the meanwhile the doctor took a round of that ward. The other members of the staff were also accompanying him.

The doctor was enduring about the welfare of the patients one by one. He listened very sympathetically to the troubles of the patients. He was also giving injections to some of the patients. To others, he gave a dose of medicine or mixture.

Then I turned to the operation theatre. Outside the theatre I saw patients to be operated upon lying on the stretchers. The corridor presented a very calm and quick look. Some of the people after recovering from their illness were squatting in the lawns of the hospital. They were playing cards and chess. They were enjoying themselves on the grassy lawns, while some of the people were going home after recovering completely from their illness. They were in delightful moods.

The entire hospital presented to me a very gloomy look. The plight of the patients and the seriousness of the prevailing atmosphere touched me. The behaviour of the doctors and nurses was worthy of Commendations. They acted most wisely and ably in handling the problems of the patients. The patients in turn were also happy with their sympathetic behaviour.I then came out of the hospital. There was a world of difference between the atmosphere which prevailed outside and inside the hospital

Essay On A Visit To A Fair

Essay On A Visit To A Fair.Every year a fair is held near our village. The fair is held on the occasion of annual cattle show. This cattle show is arranged by the whole State of the Punjab. In this fair, cattle from all the corners of Punjab are brought by their owners. The cattle of the best breeds are brought there. People in large numbers flock to the place of the fair to see the variety of animals. Cows, buffaloes, bulls, oxen and other animal are brought by their masters.

As this fair attracts the people from all the neighbouring villages, so many other items of public interest are also displayed there. When I reached the spot, I noticed many things. First of all there was one bazaar, where shopkeepers were selling articles of daily use. At one corner, there was sitting a juggler. The juggler was amusing the people with his clever tricks. His feats were really marvelous. His feats were amazing and stunning. At one time he cut the belly of a small boy which amazed and shocked every spectators.

As I moved further, I saw a merry-go-round. On this merry- go-round many boys and girls, men and women, were having joy rides. There was a great rush of people.Then I moved to another side. Here there were wrestling bouts. "[he renowhed wrestlers of the adjoining areas come here to participate in the wrestling. It was an interesting scene to see them tugging and pushing and grappling with each other. After seeing it for sometime I moved away.

From the distance I saw a circle of people. When I came near it. I saw a snake-charmer surrounded by spectators. The snake charmer was playing on his flute pipe. The pipe was giving out a very melodious tune. Before, his flute were dancing some serpents. The serpents seemed to me completely hypnotised by the sweet sound of the flute. It was an interesting sight too. The fair was arranged on a grand scale. Many people had come to buy and sell thzir cattle, sonic of which fetched very' high prices.

Many farmers brought bulls of good breed. The cattle were exhibited nicely. Every fair-goer was buying some thing or the other. Some destitute, lame, crippled and handicapped men and women were begging alms. Passers-by were giving them a paisa or two out of charity. There were many sadhus who had come to this fair. These sadhus were chanting some pious hymns. Some were giving lengthy discourses. The religious-minded people sat by them listening to religious speeches with rap attention.

I enjoyed this fair very much. It was an experience for me to see their fair. A flood of humanity was all that I could see there. In the evening the rush began to disappear. After going through the whole fair. I also made my way for home in the evening. I felt very tired on that day. but I enjoyed this delightful fair to my heart's contents.

Essay On A Visit To An Exhibition

Essay On A Visit To An Exhibition.I am very fond of visiting exhibitions. Exhibitions are of various types. But the exhibition which I saw a few months ago at Al-hamra Art Gallery Lahore was the most impressive. In this exhibition were displayed articles of various types. But mainly it was an exhibition of books, paintings, graphics, and clay models. Almost all the halls of Gallery were full with the displayed articles.

As I entered the main gate, I saw a huge statue made of clay. This was a very grand statue. For me, it was really a piece of art. Then I entered one of the halls where books were displayed. There were books almost of all the subjects. Books on science, technology and engineering were displayed in one of the corners. The books on art subjects like history. sociology, political science, economics and literature were displayed in one of the corners. There were huge volumes on almost all the branches of science and humanities. The works of Shakespeare attracted greater crowds. Some of his works like Macbeth. Hamlet, Othello were selling like hot cakes.

The hall in which clay models were displayed was also the centre of attraction. The clay 'models • included pitchers, kettles, glasses. dishes, saucers as well as figures of men and women. These clay models appeared very beautiful. The children were .really delighted to see these toys of clay.

The exhibition increased my knowledge. I was really impressed to see the various exhibits. This exhibition continued for a fortnight. It attracted lakhs of visitors. This was as a matter of fact an exhibition organized on international scale. Many big countries like America. Russia, England. West Germany, France, Japan Nepal, Sri Lanka. etc. participated in this exhibition. They displayed their best works in sciences and humanities.. Some of their top artists and painters were also present during the exhibition days. This exhibition has left an everlasting impression on my mind.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Essay On My First Day At The College-School

Essay On My First Day At The College.Dreams of the future are always more beautiful and t harming than the realities today. As soon as I at peared in the matric cxamination I started thinking of free, independent and interesting life of the college. My elder brotner used to tell me that life in a ollege is more a fun than a serious etfort to get education. A college p. a place for making friends ard I r chalking out program to go to ilie picture or to picnics.' When ever the teachers talk of aminations and tests, strikes are organized. This dcsciipti.on of the ol lege life was in sharp contrast to the schools 1;fe whichl had seen lor 12 years.

So called discipline for the school liad bored me and I he attitude of teachers in making us to feel that they know everything upon earth had developed a positive hatred for the school life. That is why I was dreaming of the college life..

The first day at the college was considered to be an important one because there used to be ragging in the college. The seniors would make the new corners to indulge in strange actions. So the seniors had worked out their own strategies and we had decided to act together. So as we entered the college we met a few seniors who were approaching us with an air of superiority. They asked us to stop but we paid no attention. They were larger in number so the) made us to subdue immediately.

Then they asked us to do strange things like singing ridiculous songs and doing monkey pranks. The sense of self-dignity in me did not allow me to act according to their wishes till they forced me to obey their orders. I felt a little humiliated but took it sportingly. Later on we came across a few more groups of the seniors but we were able to outwit them somehow or other.

We went to the lecture room and mistaking it for a school we observed some rules of decorum. As soon as the teacher entered we stood up and greeted him. But we found a strange smile on the face of the teacher and it made us to think that we have not acted properly. The teacher did not teach for some time and indulged in general gossip. It was quite amusing and there was no strain upon our mind. After some time we moved to another room and we waited there for near about 20 minutes but no teacher turned up. In fact it was a problem to know to which room were We to move.

There was nobody to guide us and we were terribly afraid of asking the seniors. After the second hell somebody told us that the classes were over. As soon as I moved out of the room I started thinking that in the colleges perhaps there is no regular teaching work. We also heard some of the seniors saying that their courses have not been finished and they do not know which books were to be studied b) them. This made me think that school life was better where we were forced to work.

The college seemed to have lost charm which I have been associating with the college life. The very first day of the college was a disappointing day because I did not believe in wasting time unnecessarily. I had carried a few books with me but could not make use of them. Most of the seniors had neither pen nor paper with them. No one was talking of studies; they were talking of film heroes and heroines. They seemed to be more interested in fashions than in books.

Some of them were smoking out their time in the canteen. All this seemed quite odd. We were supposed to attend only three periods; in one period the teacher gossiped whereas no teacher turned up during the other two periods. I felt a bit bored. I felt that life at the college is all play and no work but that is also not good for a healthy outlook. Thus the first day at the college gave me a complete idea of the life over there. It is meaningless and uninteresting. At this age if person does not work one is bound to suffer throughout. This was lurking in my mind when I took crowded bus home.

Essay On My Last Day At College-School

Essay On My Last Day At College,School .In every college there is a tradition that the junior students p,iVe a farewell party to the senior outgoing students. In this way in a iovernment College every year the students of XI Class give a orewell party to the XII Class students who are departing for their ),Ird examination.

Although parting from one's college is always sad yet in this manucr he last day in the college is made a memorable occasion for the saKimt,, who ore leaving. This day is definitely a sad day for those who are leaving. But at the sameth le it is full of hopes, because they are now going to achieve 'heit miss:on for -vhich they had joined the college years ago.

On this day both the students and the teachers give emotional ad touching speeches at the farewell party. The voice of the speaker:- is chol.d. The students ask for forgiveness if they had been rude to their techers during their stay in the college. The teachers bless them arid wish them a good and bright career in the future. It is a day when a relationship which had been established over a period of nearly 2 years is snapped suddenly. The students take away the sweet memories of their college.

Last year I had to appear at the Intermediate Examination in March. Our Principal gave us preparatory holidays for nearly two weeks in February . He also announced that the. farewell function for the outgoing students would be o7ganised on 24th February:

So it was my last day at the college where I had studied for nearly 2 years. The function was to be organised by the students of XI Class under the supervision of our Vice-Principal. We reached the college at 10.00 a.m. The function was to start at 10.30 a.m. We had been asked to reach the college half an hour before the actual time.

The students of the Class XI had beautifully decorated the college with buntings and balloons. In the college a small stage had also been erected. On the stage were our honourable Principal. Vice- Principal and other members of the staff. All the students sat on the carpets which were spread on our ground. First of all we assembled in the lawn of our college for a group -photograph. After the photograph was taken we assembled in the Hall.

The Principal of our college presided over tie function. The moment our Principal arrived, a student of our elas4iarlanded him. After this a few items of cultural program like songs, ghazals. jokes.
etc. were arranged. There were certain students both in Class XI and Class XII who gave us good and touching songs. Some students also recited poems and couplets befitting the occasion. The cultural program which was organised for the entertainment of the student and guests was a great success.

After the cultural program was over the monitor of class XI rose and gave a touching farewell speech with the permission of the chair person. After this the monitor of our class also made a brief speech on behalf of the outgoing, students, which was also very moving. After this our respectable teachers by whom we were taught blessed us one by one. They also gave brief speeches.

In the end, our Principal gave us his blessings in an inspiring and memorable speech. He exhorted us to work hard in life and dedicate ourselves to the building of our nation. He advised us to lead a disciplined and honest life. He also wished us success in our future career. His speech was very impressive. All the students clapped when he finished his speech.

After the end of the Principal's speech we were served with tea, biscuits, cakes and fruits. It was a fine party which was liked by ever y one. The function was adjudged to be the best organised during the last so many years. This was indeed a memorable day in my life. All the outgoing students took leave of their teachers and friends individually. The teachers blessed us by extending their good wishes for our forthcoming examination, this was our last day at the College.

Essay On Knowledge Of English

The Pakistani students is likely to derive more advantage from the knowledge of English than from the knowledge of any other language. In -the first place, be thereby gains access to the varied stores of a noble literature. The advantage of being able to read in the original the poetry of Milton and Shakespeare. the histories of Gibbon and Maculae. the novels of Scott, Thackeray. and Dickens. and the philosophy of Mill. Darwin, and Herbert Spencer. is incalculable.

This language also gives the key to the latest scientific discoveries of the modem world. Every newly-found marvel of science. even if originally discovered on the European continent, is sure to be published with little delay in the pages of English and American works.

For the traveler and the man of business, no language is more useful than English, which is the mother-tongue of .about a hundred million people, and is acquired for commercial and literary purposes by an immense number of foreigners. Indeed, the English language is known so widely over the surface of the globe, and is spreading so rapidly year by year. that it bids fair to become in the course of time a kind of universal language known and spoken all over the world.

Such are among the general advantages derived from the knowledge of English. But there are, of course. special reasons  Pakistanis should master the language. As Pakistan was a part of the British Empire, English is the official language of this country. and only the very lowest posts in the service of Government are open to those who are ignorant of it. English being the language of the law courts. Pakistani barristers and solicitors cannot succeed in the legal profession. unless they are able. to speak it fluently, The great bulk of the foreign trade of Pakistan being with England, a knowledge of English is essential for all clerks in commercial offices and for those who engage in trade on their own account.

Finally. English is becoming in Pakistan the common language of all educated men, whether their vernaculars be Punjabi or Urdu. so that The business of the national parties, at which representatives from different parts of Pakistan meet in council, has to be conducted in this language. Moreover CNN has made the whole world global village. America, being a super power. also uses English language. It will not be wrong to say that at present English is the language of the whole world.

Essay On Technical Education, Technology Essay

Essay On Technical Education,Technology Essay .Modern civilisation is dominated by science and scientific development. As a result of it specialisation in certain branches and industrialisation have become the most important aspects of scientific development. It is because of this reason that technical education has been so much in demand. In the earlier days education was meant for the intellectual development of man and in some cases for spiritual cultivation. The main purpose of education was to discipline our emotions and discipline our thinking, and by doing so it made us fit for a proper type of. social life.

With the passing of I me education became broader in its embrace and more significant in organising the society. A number of politicians made use of education for propagating their ideologies. For example. in Russia and China of yesterday some of the sayings of individuals were taught in the schools and colleges. The young minds were stuffed with certain thoughts which suited their purpose. But nowadays education is becoming more and more job-oriented. That is why technical education is assuming greater importance.

Technical education makes us skilled so that we may be able to handle the machines properly. As has already been pointed out technical education makes us specialists in certain domains of life. There are a large 'number of jobs which cannot be properly performed till technical knowledge is acquired.

In a developing country like Pakistan technical education is very important. It is not possible to make industry the important basis of economy, as we have envisaged, without making arrangement for technical education. That is why a larger number of Technical Institutes and other engineering colleges cater to this type of education. In this respect one thing should be kept in mind that arrangements for absorbing technical men be made. Moreover industries should be set up every year.

 But this process cannot go on for all times to come. At one or the other stage they will have to reduce the number of those who get technical education so that there may not be unemployment among the technical people. it is generally said that technical men can never remain unemployed because they will have their own industries but it is true in theory, only. In practise it needs a good market to sell the finished goods. It is not possible to provide these two things to all the technical men.

In one of the essays entitled "Useless knowledge"' Russel tells us that technical education makes the people inhuman and 'purely objective. They look at the problem purely from the technical point of view and their thinking becomes cold and calculating. This is possibly one of the defects of technical education. We should always try to have a larger outlook, comprehensive thinking and humanitarian approach. For all this there should be libers4 education also.

Technical education makes human beings machines but when it is tampered with liberal education it becomes more wholesome and beneficial. Liberal education not only makes us to cultivate our affections but also develops our thinking. Apart from it technical education should be a part of training after completing education and should not be an education in itself. Technical training is more or less practical whereas education is somewhat different from learning the skill.

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Lion and the Mouse

Once when a Lion was asleep, a little Mouse began running up and down upon him. This soon wakened the Lion, who placed his huge paw upon him and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

"Pardon, O King!" cried the little Mouse, "Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it and I shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, but I may be able to do you a good turn one of these days?"

The Lion was so tickled at the idea of the Mouse being able to help him, that he lifted up his paw and let him go.

Sometime later a few hunters captured the King and tied him to a tree while they went in search of a wagon to carry him on.

Short StoriesJust then the little Mouse happened to pass by, and seeing the sad plight in which the Lion was, ran up to him and soon gnawed away the ropes that bound the King of the Beasts. "Was I not right?" said the little Mouse, very happy to help the Lion.

MORAL: Little friends may prove great friends.