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Monday, 14 April 2014

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Essay On A Visit To A Shopping Mall.My favorite place to visit is the shopping mall. It has two stories and there are many different kinds of stores to visit. There are clothes stores, music and movie stores, arcade rooms and restaurants.  One of the stores that I like to go to is the music store so that I can check out the new music releases. My favorite music is country and I can enjoy listening using the store’s headphones and music screens.

Whenever I go, I always go to the country music section and look for particular artists and their new songs.  In the clothes stores, they not only have clothing, but sell jewelry, perfume, shoes, and other items. My favorite section is the perfume counter. I always check out the different scents. I also like to try on clothes and I like to buy them! ometimes I look at jewelry, particularly earrings, but there are times when I look at rings and watches.

There are times when I like to go to the arcade room to play some of the games. There are games that give you a certain amount of tickets depending upon what score in the game you receive. They also have games that you just play with another person. I enjoy the game of pool the most.  I also like to eat in the mall’s restaurants, especially if it’s a Chinese or Mexican restaurant.

I love stir-fry and tacos. Thismakes my visit to the mall worth it and these are the reasons why the shopping mall is one of my favorite places to go. 


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